Beechworth Highlights

Built from gold rush wealth, Beechworth is Australia's best-preserved gold mining town.

Yet today Beechworth holds a host of other treasures awaiting discovery. Absorbing heritage buildings and historic streetscapes intermingle with alluring alfresco cafe grazing, artistic hubs and bustling boutique shopping. There truly is something for everyone in this glorious region of enthralling contrasts. Beechworth will delight you with:

  • Revitalising retail therapy – excite your eclectic shopping passions with exquisite jewellery, scented soaps, soft linen and designer garments.
  • Charming creative delights – Beechworth's town centre brims with galleries, antiques, local art and ceramics. You could even take a botanical art workshop.
  • Resplendent gardens – from Feng Shui inspired serenity in the contemplative Chinese gardens to magnificent native and exotic flora, Beechworth offers gardens galore. Or experience nature on a grander scale in the tranquil sprawl of lush national parks and state forests.
  • Colourful history – have Beechworth's fascinating history told by its iconic buildings. Visit the Chinese Protectors Office signifying China's gold rush presence. Wonder at the historic courthouse where Ned Kelly was gaoled and committed to stand trial. Send a telegram from the old Telegraph Station that once connected Beechworth with the world via Morse code. The town historic precinct offers it all. Explore by yourself or take a guided tour so you never miss a landmark or morsel of historic information.
  • Mouth-watering gourmet goodies – farm-fresh produce, world-class wine lists, award-winning restaurants and diverse dining on your doorstep. Sample gourmet cordials, refreshing ales and palate-delighting wine. Breweries, bakeries, pubs and more give you a true 'home-grown' taste of Beechworth. And a great cup of coffee is never far away
  • Take Beechworth at your own pace. Nestled at the centre of leisure and recreation heartland, you can pursue:
    • Leisurely pleasures – unwind with scenic walks, panoramic drives, swimming, fishing or a spot of golf.
    • Avid adventures – step up your pulse with rock climbing, abseiling, kayaking, four-wheel driving, bushwalking and more
    • Uncurtailed cycling opportunities – experience Beechworth by bike with tracks to suit all ages and fitness levels. Take on the exhilarating Rail Trail. Whether you pedal this uphill or down, you're assured some of Australia's most incredible scenery. Take a guided cycling tour, team your ride with the region's finest food and wine or simply take a gentle pedal at your leisure.

Whether your tastes run to historic meanderings or energetic cycling explorations, one thing is certain — Beechworth has something to capture the heart and imagination of every visitor. See for yourself!  Go to the Beechworth Visitor Information Centre website for more on what to do and see around Beechworth

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