History Camps in the Historic Town of Beechworth

History Camps in the Historic Town of Beechworth


Victorian Curriculum F-10 - Primary and Junior Secondary History

Beechworth is well-known for it's connection to the Kelly Gang and the infamous Bushranger, Ned Kelly, one of our most famous Australians.It was one of Victoria's most prosperous towns in the time of the Gold Rush and is the best preserved historical town in Australia.

These significant periods of our history, form part of the current History  curriculum framework. At The Priory, we offer your students the opportunity to action their learning through a comprehensive and fun-filled camp package. They can experience first-hand some of the places, artefacts and people associated with these important periods of our Australian History. Fun and learning hand in hand! We have tailored packages available for these camps.

Activities for History Camps

Historic Precinct Package

This package will include access to the Robert O’Hara Burke Museum, The Telegraph Station, Historic Courthouse Re-enactment , Chinese Protectorate Office and the Powder Magazine.

Robert O’Hara Burke Museum

Robert O’Hara Burke Museum

One of Australia’s most significant Museums that provides a fantastic source of local, regional and Australian history, complimenting the Gold Rush experience of Beechworth and surrounds. The main collection relates to Gold mining, The Kelly Gang, Chinese community and the Gold Rush, local geology, Aboriginal artifacts, Town history and development. A streetscape of 16 reduced size reproduction shops relive Beechworth’s heyday. 

A range of programs are available to support schools with study guides and activities.

Historic Courthouse

The Courthouse still carries its original splendid furniture and fittings. Hear stories of the famous characters that have passed through such as the Kelly Gang, Harry Power and Elizabeth Scott, the first woman to hang in Victoria. Take part in the Re-enactment of Ned Kelly's trial. This tour provides a fascinating insight into the law and order aspect of the Gold Rush era. See the collection of Punishment Irons and manacles or visit the holding cells at the rear of the Courthouse.

Gold Rush Guided Walk

Learn about the history of Gold in Beechworth during this guided walk. See where it was stored before being sent to Melbourne by Gold escort. Hear about the Rocky Mountain Tunnel that runs beneath Beechworth.

Ned Kelly Guided Walk

Did you know that Ned Kelly won a bare knuckle boxing match in Beechworth that lasted 20 rounds? Did you know Ellen Kelly was sentenced to 3 years hard labour for the attempted murder of a policeman , and spent some of that time in the Beechworth Goal? 

Let this guided tour expand your knowledge of the Kelly experience in Beechworth.

Telegraph Station

Have a look around or book a talk to learn from the knowledgeable members of the Old Morse Codians on how the Telegraph and Morse Code systems work.

Powder Magazine

A short walk down Camp Street, visit the storage area for explosives used during the Gold Rush. Great display of related Memorabilia and historical photos. Audio tour and visual display.

Chinese Protectorate Office

Explore the contribution the Chinese population made to Beechworth during the gold rush era. From the significance of the Burning Tower, temples and living conditions, to the need to be segregated from the “white” population.