We have been coming to The Priory for 5 years.  We started as a group of mums with young kids on bikes- numbering about 20 in total.  Now we have included the Dads, the kids have grown and their friends want to come too.  Our numbers have grown to about 58 adults and children.  Ages of the kids range from 2yrs to 15yrs.  There is something for everyone to do and see.  We bring our bikes on trailers and cars, take over the top floor- the kids in a range of dorms and the parents warm and cosy in their own space!  The kids have a ball exploring ‘Beechworth Hogwarts” and love the communal eating in the morning as we get our bikes ready for a day of biking.

We LOVE the fact that we can ‘out source’ the evening meal after a day on the bikes and come home to a fantastic home style healthy meal to fill all our empty tummies!  In the evenings the kids do ghost/Ned Kelly tours, self entertain and play board games, whilst the parents sit by the fire and play cards, knit and share a few local wines!

We access much of the historic services in and around Beechworth and do tours, food tasting, winery visits and take in anything that is happening during our visit in October.  Most of the kids are old enough to explore Beechworth themselves.  We take advantage of all that is around the area and with our group of nearly 60 we add money to the local economy each October!.  It really is a very beautiful area.

Libby Bailey - Canberra

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